Efficiency and measurability are crucial for development

Motor skills are continuously learned from the day of we are born until the day we die. They are used, for example, when we stir a cup of tea, prune a bonsai, or assemble a Lego car. For those who work with their hands, the level of motor skills bears extremely heavily on the ability to be successful in the job market, but existing methods are not capable of delivering objective training and screening of students or employees.

Cambridge Motorics was created by people passionate about driving social change and was born out of the need to deliver a range of revolutionary, highly versatile equipment capable of analyzing and developing the fine motor skills of the hands and legs at objectively measured levels. In this way, the data-driven methodology of the twenty-first century can truly enter classrooms and workplaces alike.

Education sector

Help students to select the best course that suits them and their abilities

Simultaneously train dozens or even hundreds of students

Real-time feedback for both students and teachers

Deploy statistical models and novel data visualization techniques

Compare performance data between students, classes, schools or regions

It is only possible to achieve outstanding results with special equipment


Screen candidates and reduce training costs

Use unique equipment and specific training methods

Store and analyze user data, identify issues and tendencies

Daily risk assessment and risk reduction

Optimize productivity and cost-effectiveness

Twenty-first century vocational education demands data driven solutions and Cambridge Motorics offers a cutting-edge, transparent and objective answer for range of interdependent problems. Motorics is developed by individuals who care deeply about doing good while disrupting a stagnant sector: our goal is to guide people to unlock their maximum potential, to make them believe in themselves and, ultimately, to make the job market more accessible to them, and ensuring they are more successful in work than has ever been possible before. Our business is changes lives.